Westmoreland House, “One of Bristols biggest eyesores”

October 21, 2019
Jack Alford

Westmoreland house have been considered “one of bristols biggest eyesores” which has presented itself a unique practicing ground for local artists and grafitists.

The decision has been made by Bristol City Council to renovate for businesses and 118 new homes.

Bristol City Council instructed Wring Demolition to take down the existing building so that they can start a fresh. Wring Group instructed Kimera to firstly look at the internal condition of the building to give them some insight of what they had in store for the forthcoming months, the drone was required as the building had not yet been demanded safe, this allowed Wring to see the internals of the building without compromising any Health and Safety issues.

Wring had also instructed Kimera to film the demolition process in 3 parts before, during and after. (These can be found on our Projects page and on youtube).

For more information, visit the link below